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Lofty Optical Industries started in 1996 with an objective to become a best optical frame Manufacturer from India. Since then the effort from all of us made to grown many folds of our firm to become one of the Largest Spectacle Manufacturers and the only one from Southern part of India.

Our motive to give the best of quality frames by our experienced and skilled staff put their effort in every detail of the products, managed to create a best quality thrived our business with impeccable reputation in the market. We bring you the most advanced products with the support of latest technology likely with the CNC equipped machineries to make the best quality of hypoallergenic cellulose acetate frames crafted with the best quality imported wires and hinges made of superior quality of stainless steel. We also have the facility to make the best quality metal frames made of Monel and German silver. We started our oversees operation in Dubai to give the magnificent and noble contribution in the Middle East countries gave us the opportunity to experience our oversees market

Frank vision is the state of the art world class lens lab promoted by Lofty Optical industries to manufacture world class Rx lenses

Our Technologies

A great technological advance in free-form digital lenses

Digital Vista Pro

Digital Vista Pro pushes the limits of geometry in lens personalization by incorporating the wearer’s accommodative capacity in the final lens calculation to further minimize oblique aberrations

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Digital Vista

Digital Vista is an advanced technology available to make digital lenses. When calculationg the back surface, instead of using a pure geometrical method, Digital Vista technology.

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Stability is a technological breakthrough in free-form digital lenses by allowing for the strict control of mean power resulting in progressive lenses with unparalleled levels of wearer satisfaction.

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Progressive lenses made with this technology have the progressive surface on the back side of the lens, and a simple curve, typically a sphere, on the front side. The surface is calculated by geometrical method.

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Lens personalization parameters

Prescription & Addition Monocular Pupillary Distance (MPD) - Wrap Angle (ZTILT) - Back Vertex Distance (BVD) - Pantoscopic angle (PANTO) - Pupil Height (HT) - Frame dimensions (VBOX/HBOX/DBL) - Near Working Distance - Material - Base curve


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